on October 05, 2021

Need an experienced Board Certified, Pediatric Dentist for your child that is specialized in treating special needs patients in her own immediate family as well as in her skilled profession?

The Children's Tooth Spa and Dr. Jenny are here to help!

How are we prepared to serve the special needs population and what makes us different?

Special tasting toothpastes and floss to help ease sensory issues

Movies and distractions to help with calming patients

Empathy, patience, compassion, and understanding are a top priority

Nitrous oxide gas available in office

General Anesthesia (Sleep Dentistry) in an operating room available if dental treatment is needed

We do not believe in restraining patients for treatment as our philosophy is to serve with empathy, compassion, and give patients the most positive experience possible

Every patient is unique and different and we thoroughly discuss all treatment options that best suits each patient and their families