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About Us: Gentle Pediatric Dentistry Now in a Brand-New NoLibs Office

In a way the Children’s Tooth Spa, our Philadelphia, PA pediatric dental office, is new to Northern Liberties, bringing our inclusive, gentle approach to children’s oral health to this historic yet youthful part of the city. But our love of children and enthusiasm for dentistry of course have deep roots including extensive training and experience. Here we’re committed to every child getting the most thorough yet compassionate treatment both to treat problems that have come up and best of all, preventing them! That’s why you should bring your children, toddlers to teens, to our new space.

Awesome Advances in the Treatment of Children’s Teeth

A graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry, Temple Hospital Pediatric Residency, and certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Jennifer Pinero stays aware of and contributes to the developments in her field including sealants to prevent tooth decay and amazing Silver Diamine Fluoride, relatively new to this country, which she applies to small cavities to stop and even in some cases reverse tooth damage. We offer a full suite of dental care from your 1-year-old’s first checkup to 18 years old. Of course we have much combined experience with the usual childhood tooth injuries from sports and rough play! And as a pediatric dentist’s office we offer practical solutions to worried parents about common issues such as thumb-sucking, or space maintenance when baby teeth fall out, that can misalign your child’s teeth. If you have any questions about your child’s oral health, this is the place to ask! That’s why we’re set to become one of the best pediatric dentists in Philly, a resource for families to stay well.

In Our Office, Kids’ Tooth Care Comes with A Lot of Heart!

Dr. Jenny comes from eight years as the clinical director at a successful practice elsewhere to live her dream of a wholesome and scientific approach to your little one’s teeth and gums. As the mother of a young child and NoLibs local resident herself, she understands the community, diversity, and of course the young patient’s apprehension about spending time in the dentist’s chair. That’s why our caring staff take an extra calm, empathetic approach, explaining every procedure in advance in terms your child will understand, keeping her calm and cooperative, and making the procedure the best experience possible. This is combined with some fun including a TV screen in every room! Dr. Jenny is also especially experienced and understanding about special-needs patients, endeavoring to have a dental practice truly open to all. That’s why she and her staff are conscientious in listening to you about your child’s condition, idiosyncrasies and especially fears so we can best allay them. Your child might even surprise you by declaring she looks forward to her next visit with us!

Why You Should Consider a Pediatric Dentist for Your Youngster

We understand children and their needs. That’s why our child-centered dental practice, from scaled-down chairs to a staff who are comfortable responding to kids’ emotions, and patient enough to explain things that can cause discomfort, is a huge benefit to the families who honor us by trusting their children’s oral care to us.